Thompson response to nate not making weight

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Thompson response to nate not making weight Empty Thompson response to nate not making weight

Post by MMA Pride Scott on Sat May 11, 2013 1:55 pm

this is a bit old but I was not really aware of this here is Thomson statement.
I am going to say this directly to him; Nate, you didn’t make the weight, so how are you going to make the weight when we fight again? That’s the thing that’s discerning, we all let it slide because it was a huge fight, but you didn’t make the weight and you still lost. So unless you plan on fighting me a 170 then I’m not really interested."

“It’s an issue I could have brought up and made a big deal about but I didn’t do it because that’s not the kind of person I am. I could have made a big fuss and taken it, rubbed some salt in the wound and taken 20% percent of your purse after you lost, but I didn’t That’s the kind of person I am, I moved on and I suggest you do the same thing.”

Sorry if this is old news, but its new to me. I knew it was kind of a difficult cut for Diaz but I didn't know he didn't even end up making weight.

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