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Welcome to the Main Board

The objective of this board is to have a board where posters can discuss the UFC in a sensible manner. If you are not interested in posting in a sensible manner, don’t post here. You might be carded, and/or have your access removed.

Play nice
No name-calling or abuse of posters is tolerated and this also applies to the nicknames given to fighters. The term rape are also not wanted when discussing topics to describe something so do not use it.

Don't attack a poster that posts something you don't like or agree with. This is one of the biggest reasons why topics are derailed.

Quite simply: don’t do it. Trolling other posters is not sensible UFC discussion and having the sentence "This is not a troll but..." doesn't exempt it from being a troll.

Do not bump old threads unless you have new information directly relevant to the topic. That does not mean bumping to show someone was wrong with the benefit of hindsight.

Who you going to call?
If you see a post that breaches the rules report it, don't quote it and respond. If you think a thread doesn't belong on the board, report it. Don't post in the thread saying it should be on x board. Report it and we’ll deal with it.

Spam and links.
We welcome all contributions on MMA Pride Australia. We do not welcome, however, spam of any sort. If it is relevant to the thread (for example a link to a news article that you would like to discuss) then thats fine.

Swear Filter.
We want to be a family friendly site so leave out any comments that you wouldn’t want your son, nephew or child to see. Don't self-censor stuff. Or try to get around it either by using pictures or other tricks

Other Stuff.
- We don't need grammar teachers, so leave out comments about spelling, sentence construction
- No comments about mods or moderation, whether it's this board or another. Take it up with admin.
- There are other boards on MMA Pride Australia – Have fun and use them.
- Put all talk about Fantasy leagues etc on the Fantasy board and Ultimate Fighter talk on the Ultimate Fighter board. Pretty simple.

Any questions, get in touch with one of us.

MMA Pride Australia administration team
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